Memorial Episcopal Church

By-Laws of Memorial Episcopal Church

The By-laws of Memorial Church are enacted to guide the corporation in conducting all business necessary to our operation.

You may view the .pdf file of our  Memorial Amended and Restated Bylaws 1-19-15.

Sections of the By-laws:

Article I. Members

1. General Membership

2. Voting Members

3. List of Members

Article II. Meetings of Members

1.  Annual Meeting

2.  Special Meeting

3.  Procedure

4.  Quorum

 Article III. The Vestry

1. Eligibility

2. Number and Term of Office

3. Nomination

4. Elections

5. Vacancies

6. Duties and Powers

7. Vestry Meetings

8. Quorum

 Article IV. Officers

1. Officers of the Church

2. Election

3. The Rector

4. The Wardens

5. The Registrar

6. The Treasurer

8. Committees

9. Vestry Meetings

10. Voting Rights of Officers

 Article V. Financial Matters

1. Fiscal Year

2. Signatures and Expenditures

3. Audit

4. Fidelity Bond

 Article VI. Amendments

 Article VII. Parliamentary Authority