Memorial Episcopal Church

Pastoral Health Committee

The Pastoral Health Ministry and Its Programs


The Pastoral Health Ministry is a standing ministry of Memorial Episcopal Church, whose mission is promote the health of the parish, in body, mind and spirit.  It is grounded in God’s call to us to love one another.  Formally established in the fall of 2014, it currently has two active programs, and a third program in development:


Partners in Care

Confronting a serious medical condition can be bewildering, frightening, and even perilous.  Almost everyone finds it difficult to navigate our healthcare system.  Brief doctor visits make it difficult to ask questions and recall important information. When there are multiple healthcare providers involved, their efforts may not be well coordinated.  The names and purposes of medications, treatments, and diagnostic procedures can be unfamiliar and confusing.  The burden of managing the overall plan usually falls to the patient, who may be experiencing emotional, spiritual and practical strains in addition to the burden of illness.  The opportunities for errors to occur and important details to be missed are many.  The journey can feel lonely.

Partners in Care is designed to help.  We provide a “nurse partner” who can help explore care options, keep track of important details, understand the condition and test results, and optimize time spent with the health care provider.  We provide support in following the plan of care, tracking responses to treatment, and knowing when to call the provider.  We demystify medical terminology and medical settings.  We do these things while holding up those we serve as precious children of God and as treasured members of our parish community.  Partners in Care is nurse advocacy in the context of pastoral care.

To request a brochure with more information about Partners in Care, please email to:


Blood pressure clinics

Blood pressure control is one of the best ways to prevent cardiovascular illness.  Periodically, Pastoral Health Ministry nurses offer blood pressure clinics during coffee hour after Sunday morning services.  They check blood pressure, provide education on maintaining or achieving healthy levels, and advise when one should see a health care provider for follow up.  Blood pressure monitoring in the community is a powerful tool.  We encourage everyone to take advantage of this opportunity, especially if your blood pressure has not been checked recently.


Durable Medical Equipment Bank

This program is in development, and will loan durable medical equipment, such as walkers, wheelchairs, etc., to those who need them at no cost.  We will post more information on this program when it is launched.