Memorial Episcopal Church

Kitchen Renovations!

EllersMakingCrabcakesSee what’s cooking in the kitchen!





PlywoodFloorInstallationThe kitchen is painted, “soft buttercup” walls and “frost” trim, and it looks bright and beautiful!  Paint and supplies cost was $403.61 plus $720 for Noah and company’s labor.






Floor FloorUnderSink-Before

The kitchen floor installation is proceeding.  We’ve had two hiccups that are going to cost more $$.  First, the existing subflooring was inadequate, so they are installing a ¾” plywood subfloor, at an additional cost of $1800.   This had always been a possibility, but I thought most likely just for parts of the floor, not the whole thing.

Second, they said the sink needed to be removed (and removed it), which is going to cost us bigger bucks for the reconnecting next Monday.  Very frustrating not to have known about the sink earlier, especially after Noah painted around the sink all last week.

The floor has been stripped down to the previous linoleum layer, which I don’t claim to remember, but I see from photos it’s what was in place at the time of our wedding 29 years ago.  The half over toward the refrigerators is already covered with the plywood, but the sink end is still uncovered.  The old linoleum is in much better shape than the more recent tile layer, but the parts that had gotten flooded at various times, especially under the sink, were pretty moldy, so I scrubbed them down this afternoon after the workers had left.

FloorUnderSink-After After they finish the floor on Friday, it will need to cure for at least 48 hours before we start moving stuff back in Sunday evening and/or Monday morning.





Meanwhile Deerfield came this morning to disconnect the sanitizer and move it out.  They also moved and replaced aKitchenWithoutSink faulty GFI outlet in the bathroom with the combination door.  That’ll probably be about a $240 charge.  They will come back on Monday to reconnect the sanitizer and put in the new circuits for the elevator lobby (paid for by a Samaritan Community grant) at the same time, which should minimize the charge for the sanitizer reconnection.


UFH Bathroom/Toilet

We are also getting a new bathroom floor thrown in with the kitchen floor at no additional charge.  Walt Dent will come tomorrow morning and remove the toilet in preparation; he’s prepared to replace it next Sunday, unless someone else can do the honors before then.


Guy Hollyday and I have a date to clean the kitchen stove tomorrow.  It’ll probably take several installments, but it’s much easier to do with the pilot lights off!


Another project that needs to be done over the coming week is scraping and painting the kitchen radiators.  If they’re well-prepped and cure before heating season, regular latex paint will work just fine.


I’m hoping the plastic screw for the cabinet drawer has finally arrived either from Home Depot or from the manufacturer in Canada, probably addressed to Marilynn.  I need to get that cabinet assembled this week so it can go into place when we move back into the kitchen.  We’ll also need to install and assemble the wall cabinet, which may be challenging, because the studs in the wall don’t seem to be standard, and the cabinet is heavy.  Hoping that Jamie can take that on.

Elevator Lobby Floor

ElevatorLobbyFloorThe elevator lobby floor is still a mess after the removal of the carpet tiles, but there’s progress.  It has gotten a couple of vinegar treatments, and I found a floor scraper that our installation workers had left upstairs and used it to scrape off a bunch of the moldy sticky glue.  More to be done with Samaritan Community help to get the floor clean before we can install the new garage tiles.