Memorial Episcopal Church


Here are the key requirements for weddings at Memorial.

1. Weddings are pastoral offices and as such, require that at least one individual in the wedding couple be a member of the Memorial Episcopal church community.  Expectations of a Memorial member would be regular attendance at worship and contributing to the life of the parish through time, talent, and treasure—including making an annual pledge to the operating budget of the church.

2. According the canons of the Episcopal Diocese of Maryland, the officiating clergy for an upcoming wedding must enter into a series of pre-marital conversations with the couple to ascertain their readiness for marriage.  If one member or both of the couple have been divorced, permission to marry must be requested of the Bishop of Maryland.  If one member or both have been divorced twice or more, additional requirements are asked of the couple in order to determine the appropriateness of marriage.

3. Weddings are scheduled with the officiating clergyperson FIRST and the clergyperson will then have the couple contact the Parish Administrator and Church Organist.

4. Because a wedding is a non-Sunday event often taking place on Saturday, the fees associated with weddings require three basic donations:

  • a donation to the officiating clergy.  The check should be made out in the name of the officiating clergy and given directly to that clergy person.  Suggested amount:  $250.,
  • a donation to Memorial Episcopal Church to reflect the extra cleaning staff hours required and use of the facilities.  Suggested donation:  $100 for wedding in church only; $200 for use of parish hall for reception.
  • a check made out to the organist and given to the organist directly.  The Memorial church organist will have right of first refusal to play at the service and is in charge of retaining all other musicians.  Suggested donation:  $250.

5. All wedding coordinators, photographer, florist and other wedding consultants must check in with the officiating clergy before the service.  Photographs and filming are strictly prohibited during the liturgy at the altar, particularly the blessing.

6. When neither couple is a member of Memorial, the charge for use of the facilities is $1000.  Parish Hall rates for non-parish events apply for the use of the Parish Hall for a reception.  Children or grandchildren of memorial members may be considered members at the discretion of the Rector.

Interested in getting married here?  Please contact The Rev. Grey Maggiano.