Memorial Episcopal Church


The first person a visitor to the 10:30 am service at Memorial Episcopal Church meets is usually a welcomer. The manner in which this welcomer greets the visitor is an important aspect of the visitor’s first impressions of Memorial Episcopal Church. In addition to greeting visitors and giving them a copy of the order of the day’s service, welcomers help those who are unfamiliar with the service and introduce the visitor to a host. In the absence of a host, the welcomer, at the end of the service introduces the visitor to the minister, invites and accompanies the visitor to the coffee hour, and introduces the visitor to other parish members.

The other duties of the welcomers are to take up the collection, to select members to process the elements and carry the food baskets to the altar and, after the service to collect bulletins left in the pews and replace prayer books and hymnals in the racks. During the service one welcomer remains near the front door to greet those who arrive late and to provide any assistance which may be required during the service. Welcomers serve approximately once a month.

If you are interested in becoming a part of this very important ministry, please contact Judith McFadden.