Memorial Episcopal Church

Our Mission and Core Vocations

Memorial6MLK2015Our Mission

Memorial Episcopal Church is an urban church in the city of Baltimore and a parish in the Episcopal Diocese of Maryland. Over the past 30 years the parish has become a place of diverse theological viewpoints, where members take an inquiring approach to their faith. On Sunday mornings we have a choice of joining in worship in either a traditional or a contemporary service.

Our church has developed into a parish where openness and acceptance are the norm, and diversity is encouraged. Most of our members hold liberal or progressive views on social issues. It is a parish where people of all ages, races, marital status, sexual orientations, and backgrounds come together to worship God. Services are lively and participatory, with a variety of musical offerings. In recent decades, in its response to the changes occurring around us in the world, Memorial has been a force for constructive change within the Diocese of Maryland.

We describe ourselves as “a diverse community, worshiping God and serving people.” We try to live up to that vision every day, and we hope that you will think about joining us for worship or become involved in our community.

Memorial’s Core Vocations

RADICALLY WELCOMING – Memorial Episcopal Church is called to be a radically welcoming Eucharistic community where everyone is accepted unconditionally into one family.   We embrace the challenges of our rapidly changing world as we listen for God’s call to the Church and strive to follow Jesus’ way of expansive love for all.

LITURGICAL ENHANCEMENT –  We worship and praise God through the liturgical rites of the Episcopal Church, which open us to the joy and mystery of God’s transforming love.  Progressive preaching and beautiful intergenerational choral music enhance our worship.

THEOLOGICAL & HUMAN DIVERSITY – Memorial Episcopal Church brings all generations, races and orientations together, in a community that reflects theological and human diversity.  Together we question and explore and deepen our faith, supporting one another on our journeys and ministering to one another in times of joy, sorrow and need.

OUTREACH & SOCIAL JUSTICE – We seek to empower the marginalized and bring the peace of Christ to those in the midst of transition and change.  Through the Samaritan Community and other [urban] outreach ministries, we extend caring and sustenance to our neighbors in Baltimore City and beyond.

ENGAGEMENT WITH THE ARTS – In our active engagement with the arts, we celebrate human creativity as a reflection of the character and nature of God.  Our Theater Arts Ministry reflects Memorial’s inter-generational diversity and inclusiveness as well as our commitment to high-quality theater, music and art.