Memorial Episcopal Church

Book Club – January Selection 2017

The book study group meets to discuss selected books.  Titles for study range from classics to current works, both fiction and non-fiction. The book list is announced in advance in the announcements and memos.

MEMORIAL BOOK CLUB January Selection

The next book club will be Tuesday January 10, at 7:30 pm in the Library. For those interested, some of us meet up at B’s bistro at 6 pm for dinner and fellowship before hand. Interested in joining us? Please email the office, and include whether or not you will be joining the group at B the Bistro.

The selection  for November is Hidden Power: Presidential Marriages that Shaped our History
by Kati Marton (Suggested by Walt Dent).




Kati Marton’s bestselling Hidden Power is an engrossing look at twelve presidential marriages–from Edith and Woodrow Wilson to Laura and George W. Bush–that have profoundly affected America’s history.

Marton uncovers the behind-the-scenes dynamics of the ultimate power couples, showing how first ladies have used their privileged access to the president to influence staffing, promote causes, and engage directly in policy-making. Edith Wilson secretly ran the country after Woodrow’s debilitating stroke. Eleanor Roosevelt was FDR’s moral compass. And Laura Bush, initially shy of any public role, has proven to be the emotional ballast for her husband. Through extensive research and interviews, Marton reveals the substantial–yet often overlooked–legacy of presidential wives, providing insight into the evolution of women’s roles in the twentieth century and vividly depicting the synergy of these unique political partnerships.